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In this immensely competitive world today it is so important for an individual to be intelligent and smart. A brain that functions well would go a long way in serving an individual in times of need and ensure that one can succeed in doing many things that would bode well for their future. It was a belief earlier that intelligence was related to genetics and could be only inherited by an individual but nowadays with time and research it has been found out that all the earlier beliefs were not true. There are a lot of substances and medicines that can enhance the capability of the brain in more than one way one of these substances you can get is called Intellux.


There are medicines called smart drugs or Nootropics (limitless drugs) which not only improve the functioning of the brain and also protect it from any harm at the same time. Some of the so called limitless pills have already been allowed (for instance Intellux which has gotten rave reviews already!) for use as dietary supplements for people who wish to use them while others are still under research and in the experimental phase to check for side effects if any.

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There are many medical professionals who are resorting to the use of these amazing brain booster pills for their patients such as those afflicted by degenerative disorders such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Even students and individuals who have long working hours are increasingly using this limitless pill to ensure they can work or study with an active mind for longer hours. While it is a known fact that with an increase in a person’s age, the mental capacity is reduced, and one becomes slow at learning, and we start forgetting things very easily. Other than old age there are also other factors such as the use of alcohol, smoking and prolonged stress which can lead to reduced brain capacity much earlier than expected.


To counter the effects of old age or for those who are looking to improve their mental capabilities it would be a good idea to try out a limitless pill so that they can compete at an equal level with their peers and also be more confident about their mental abilities. These medicines improve the mental functions when they enter the blood stream and reduce the time needed for communication between neurons that are the functional units of nerves that transmit information from the area to the brain and back. The best thing about the use of these substances is that they even protect the brain from damage due to cortisol a hormone the secretion of which has been shown to be linked with stress.